Rules and Requirements for joining TF 6 26 (read before you apply) Task force 6 26

Rules and Requirements for joining TF 6 26 (read before you apply)

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Rules and Requirements for joining TF 6 26 (read before you apply) Empty Rules and Requirements for joining TF 6 26 (read before you apply)

Post by miller24 on Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:39 pm

Hi and WELCOME to the Task Force 6 26 Forums....We would like to thank you for your
interest in joining TF 6 26 but before you apply there are a few rules and requirements that
need to be understood before submitting your application. Please take the time to read ALL Of the following because these rules and requirements are a MUST for all members of TF 6 26...If you violate any of the rules, simply saying "I didn't know" is not going to help your case. Make sure you know what is expected of you as a TF 6 26 member to help avoid any later confusion. THANK YOU for your interest!

1.) You MUST be 17+ to join TF 6 26..on occasion there are exceptions made for 16 but only if at least three admins agree.

2.) You MUST have a mic/ventrilo...If you do not have a mic DO NOT apply until you are able to get one. If you do not have ventrilo u can download it @ If you need help with this process please feel free to ask any TF 6 26 admin. (A list of all admins will be provided at the end of this post.) You are not required to be on Ventrilo at all times...but you ARE required to be on Ventrilo during clan wars. If you cannot be on Ventrilo during a cw then you will not be permitted to cw.

3.) You MUST be willing to be Teamviewed at any given moment. If someone suspects you of hacking, a TF 6 26 admin will ask you for your Teamview info. If you fail to provide this info in a timely manner you will be kicked from TF 6 26 no questions asked. The ONLY people that you MUST allow to Teamview you are TF 6 26 administrators ONLY. You may choose which one, unless the one you choose is not familiar with TV. Any hesitation or denial of TV is an automatic displacement from the clan. Innocent people have nothing to hide. We are not interested in any of your personal files. We are only interested in keeping our clan clean. If you do not have TV you can download it @ It is harmless and you have full control over everything...there are no excuses! Your either willing or you are not. If you are NOT apply.

4.) We prefer our clan members be dedicated to the advancement of TF 6 26 ONLY. Therefore, if we find out you have another account in with another clan we will ask you to leave the other clan. If you are not willing to comply then you will be removed from TF 6 26. We put all of our energy into this clan to make it the best clan possible for us and is only fair for us to expect the same from ALL of our members. Also there will be NO "clan hopping". If you do not feel that TF 6 26 is right for you that is understandable and we would never try to hold you back from what you feel is the best choice for you. However, some people have been known to leave and then decide they want to come back. As long as you leave us on good terms then we will usually allow you to come back. If you explain your situation to one of our admins and it isn't just utterly stupid then we WILL understand. If you rage quit or go off on a tangent then you will NOT be let back in, nor will you be let back in if you make this a habit. We don't have time to play games (besides CA ). We are all adults here. Either you want in or you don't so, if your not NOT apply until you are.

5.) Haccusating/QQing: No one has been kicked, as of yet, for either of these two. But, if you excessively QQ and hacusate (accuse without knowing for sure) and you do this on a continual basis you will be warned by TF 6 26 admins. If it is persistent and you do not stop after fair will find yourself clan less. NO ONE wants to hear "Negative Nancy" crying all day long while they are trying to concentrate on the game. Negativity/Anger/Drama tends to wear off onto other players when that's all your barking into their ears all day. KEEP YOUR QQ/RAGE to yourself! If you feel you are incapable of doing this please do
NOT apply.

6.) Harrassment: Any harrassment or belittling of ANY of our TF 6 26 members will lead to a warning (depending how serious) and if not corrected, immediate removal from TF 6 26 will ensue. There is no reason to talk down to anyone. We are all here to have fun and to be a CLAN (a family). Joking around is encouraged and we all do it..going overboard is an entirely different story. If you are joining TF 6 26 it is because we feel you are capable of fully understanding all rules and comprehend when enough is enough. If someone rage quits our
clan because of you, you will shortly follow, if what you have said or done is classified as harrassment. This will be determined by TF 6 26 leaders and admins. Any situation that cannot for any reason be handled by TF 6 26 admins, the ultimate and final decision will be up to miller24 and/or SilentShock (our clan leaders). Furthermore, we respect everyone's beliefs and ask that you refrain from using any religious slurs while on our Ventrilo server. If you continually use ANY religious slur after being asked to stop you will be kicked from Ventrilo until you can comply with this rule. People are passionate about what they believe and it's simply a matter of respect. Saying that you "can't help it" is not a viable excuse.

7.) Clan Warring: Once you apply and you have been accepted you will be clan warring. To clan war you MUST have a TF 6 26 admin present in the game room. If you are caught clan warring without a TF 6 26 admin you will be immediately kicked from TF 6 26 with no chance of re-entering. The admin hosting the game will speak on behalf of all TF 6 26 members in the room. Keep your comments to yourself until all game rules have been discussed between the two clan hosts. What the two spokespersons for each clan come up with for rules will be what each member of TF 6 26 clan follows. If you violate the set rules you will be kicked from the clan war and given fair warning. We are a fair and respectable clan. We do NOT go back on our word. If the other clan is talking smack, ignore them and let the room host deal with it. We will not sit in a room and argue endlessly with a clan that has no respect for the game. Any clan or player on our blacklist is to remain there and is not to be played until they are removed from our blacklist. You can find the blacklist on our forums once you are accepted. We CBL each and every new clan we play against unless we are familiar with them. Going afk during a clan war is a definite no-no. If you cannot play the entire game then do NOT join. The admin in the room has the
right and responsibility to tell which players to come and which players to go. It is nothing personal...we know who does best in what maps and modes. QQing about this will NOT help your case. Please remember not to take this personally. Also, those who ask to clan war will be considered before all others. If we are trying to reach you in clan chat and you are blatantly ignoring us it will piss us off. We will know if you are there or not. If you ignore us we will NOT go away. Just tell us if you cannot play for some reason. It is rude to ignore people trying to talk to you and it's common courtesy to give us some kind of answer.

Again we would like to thank you for your interest in Task Force 6 26 and hope that you have found a place to call home.


Miller24/SilentShock and All TF 6 26 Administrators:

-MIZZ-, nozter, Angelus4577, Guildamage, Schulphuct, crimsonelixr, GROVE300, djchriz, spaz0019

Rules and Requirements for joining TF 6 26 (read before you apply) Miller24

Rules and Requirements for joining TF 6 26 (read before you apply) 220

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