Instructions on how to become CBL verified (very easy) Task force 6 26

Instructions on how to become CBL verified (very easy)

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Instructions on how to become CBL verified (very easy) Empty Instructions on how to become CBL verified (very easy)

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:34 pm

To become CBL verified....

1.) Go to:

2.) Register (top left hand corner). AGREE to the terms of service and then fill in all the necessary information.

3.) Check your e-mail (if you do not see the verification e-mail..please be sure to check your spam folder.)

4.) Click on the link from your e-mail.

5.) Sign in to CBL (upper left corner)

6.) Click on "Access My CBL" (underneath register and log-in, in upper left corner). There you should come upon a link "You are not verified yet, click here for instructions" (big red highlighted link) then you will see your "CBL key" which will consist of five digits. WRITE THIS CODE DOWN.

7.) Ignore the prompt to add any of the CBL affiliates and do not worry about taking screen shots.

8.)Bring your game back up and using the new note feature, send a note to black_pearl saying "Hey can you verify me please? My code is *****" Within three days of sending this note you should receive a response back saying "Got it!" (or something along those lines) If after three days of sending your note, you do not get a response (we all know how NEXON can fail sometimes) send another this every three days until you get a response back. Once you get your response you should be shortly verified. Remember, it is a REQUIREMENT to be CBL verified to be part of TF 6 26, failure to do so will lead to dismissal from the clan until you are able to find the time to get this done.

Thank you for your cooperation - TF 6 26 ADMINS


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